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“Our services include planning a tailor made itinerary as per your places of interest, budget, days, etc.. Booking everything for you…helping you with internal transports, activities and where to find food catering to your taste buds. We extend our services to provide you with driving tips, shopping guidance, local events and festivals. If you are interested in pubs and clubs…then yes we know which are the most happening places in town are. We will give you enough information so that you travel like a local.. “


Places to see

In any of the places you visit, there are two types of attractions; Major attraction and Hidden Treasures. Our aim is to accommodate both the type of attraction based on your interests and inclinations, more so the hidden treasure as that is where the real experience of travel is. Who else would know better other than the locals like us.


How to travel

Who travels like a ‘pappu’ in the bus? The real fun of travelling is to use public transport, walk around, and drive. We will provide you required information and tips to make your travelling as convenient as possible.



Most common reason for people choosing group tours is because they are worried about food options. But the fact is there are several Indian restaurants almost everywhere corner of the world and for people who want to try different cuisines, there is plethora of options. Based on your tastes, we can recommend some great restaurants and cafes in your vicinity, be it for a romantic date or a quick bite.



Who doesn’t love shopping and a good bargain?!…the common perception is about western countries is about being very pricier and dearer in terms of shopping. But in reality, knowing the right places can land you with amazing deals ad great stuff and which is what we can help you with!



Activities make your trip fun and memorable…every place has so much to offer that you may not be aware of, be a simple activity like cycling around Melbourne city or adventurous sky diving in Queenstown. We will help.



There are always so many ongoing deals for accommodation, flights, shopping and activities that only a local would be able to know and that can save up a lot. Guess what!! We always have our eyes on those.



Depending on what time of the year you travel, there is always something or the other happening in the city and it is worth experiencing it, whether it may be Sydney fireworks or Easter festival. Don’t forget the cricket world cup as well in early 2015.

Needless to say, but how your friend would help you in an emergency or need any help we will be there.

So we basically want to change the definition of travel….we want you to travel and enjoy like the local does.