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" Our mantra of travel at Go Bananas! Is to help you travel like a local and not a tourist. "

Go Bananas!

To start with, we are not travel agents…we don’t get commissions or have any tie ups with hotels or airlines. The reason we don’t want to do this is because we don’t want to limit your options. We want to keep your options open and choose only what is best for you so you can have an amazing holiday and just Go Bananas!!!

Our mantra of travel at Go Bananas! is to help you travel like a local and not a tourist. Travel is a lot more than sitting in buses and touring only the most popular attractions in the region. Travelling really is wandering independently, exploring undiscovered locations, enjoying meals at local cafes and restaurants, immersing into the local culture etc. It is mainly an opportunity to experience something that will truly enrich your journey and be an experience of a lifetime.

Living in Australia for over 8 years and having a passion for travelling has encouraged me to start this company and make travelling a truly memorable, enjoyable and a worthy experience for everyone. Being an Australian from India, we are able to very well understand and relate to the Indian requirements and sensibilities and can well execute the tour per your interests.